How to look for a job online

Top five sites to use:




4. Yahoo HotJobs

5. Craigslist 


Steps to finding a job online:

1. Write a comprehensive resume

  • Before you begin, write a comprehensive resume. This should include everything that you could ever want to include on a resume: your entire work, educational, and volunteer history, as well as highly comprehensive lists of your skills and abilities.

2. Google yourself

  • his will be a very important step. Employers will frequently do a search on employees. If you have embarrassing information about yourself out on the web, knowing about it beforehand will give you the chance to remove as much of it as possible and prepare to counter anything that cannot be removed.

3. Establish an online presence

  • Once you’ve removed all of the undesirable material from the net, you may want to replace it with the kind of things that you’d like potential employers to see. Establish a portfolio, business-related blog, or social media profiles appropriate for work.

4. Search different job sites

  • Try the usual job hunting websites (Craigslist, Monster, Indeed, etc.). These will allow you to search by the industry that you’d like to work in, as well as sorting through part-time and full-time work. These websites will cover a wide variety of jobs at a variety of levels, from entry-level to higher positions.

5. Browse Government sites

  •  If you don’t have luck with the broader job websites, try various government resources. These websites have the benefit of being very trustworthy and the jobs are usually well paid (proportional to the work involved). Oftentimes they will include benefits as well.

7. Make use of college and university websites

  • If you are currently in college or have graduated from a college, make use of the job-hunting services they provide. Many colleges will have a website where local businesses can post wanted ads but they will also have broader searching resources if you ask for help.

8. Check local business websites

  • Most companies will advertise through their own websites before advertising anywhere else. If there is a major company somewhere in your area, check to see if they’re hiring. You can also check the websites for box stores and chain stores in your area, if you want to work in retail, sales, marketing, and other related fields.

9. Make use of social networking

  • Oftentimes, you will be able to find a job with a little old-fashioned networking. Ask your friends over Twitter or Facebook if they know anyone who’s hiring. They may know of positions opening at their place of employment, businesses nearby their home or that they frequent, or they may have noticed one of their friends mentioning a job opening.

10. Sparingly use staffing firms, headhunters, and recruiters.

  • If you are desperate, you can use these to find a job but be aware that they will often lead to inferior jobs, may not be worth the money you often have to pay them upfront, or may just simply take advantage of you. If you use one, be sure that it is credible and certainly be wary of any which asks for money first.

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